Zippy Seats


Q: How are your seats different from other sites?

A: We pull our tickets from the largest ticket reseller marketplace, which means we offer the same tickets as other sites. Zippy Seats oftentimes has wider seat selection, and tickets to otherwise sold out events.

Q: Are your seats cheaper than other sites?

A: Ticket prices are determined by supply and demand. Because tickets are being resold, they could be more or less than original ticket prices. Zippy Seats has access to the lowest priced tickets and offer them to you.

Q: Are your tickets guaranteed?

A: All tickets purchased through Zippy Seats are guaranteed with a 100% money back promise. That means you will get authentic tickets on time for your event, or you’ll get your money back.

Q: How do I get my tickets?

A: Zippy Seats offers a variety of delivery options, which you’ll select at check-out. This allows you to purchase tickets for same day events.

Q: Are the seats I purchase next to each other?

A: They will be unless noted otherwise.

Q: Does Zippy Seats offer special discounts for groups?

A: Under some circumstances yes.  A group starts at over 15 tickets.  You will need to contact for instructions on how to purchase tickets as a group. 
Q: What happens if I’m ordering tickets for two or more events?

A: Because the tickets come from different sellers/locations, they will ship separately from different locations and a shipping fee will apply for each order.  
Any additional questions can be submitted to